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Unravel the Power of Color Psychology in Advertising and Marketing

Psychology and marketing are best friends. This may sound strange but it is indeed true.

When it comes to marketing, there are no specific patterns or no rules of thumb, instead, it involves intense research on targeted customers’ needs, desires, likes and preferences. One of these psychological researches unraveled the influence of different colors on customers’ minds.

You may not know but colors are involved in every aspect of advertising and branding, it can be your logo, a product label, advertisements, or collateral. You should understand that color plays an important role in giving your brand an image and a personality, which helps in its positioning.

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What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of ways colors can influence one’s perception and behaviors. In terms of marketing, psychology focuses on how colors can influence a customer’s impression of the brand, and if or not it can persuade customers to consider your brand and make a purchase. It is vital to consider the impact of colors on branding and marketing when creating a marketing strategy or building a new business. Now that we know the basics of color psychology in advertising, moving on to the different ways it influences your customers.

Let’s Understand Ways to use this Power of Colors

The fundamental is that there are no clear guidelines when it comes to choosing colours for your business or brand. While it could be nice to look at a few infographics to make the right decisions, the reality is it depends on what kind of colours are right. While it can be frustrating, it is the truth. The ability to persuade your customers for your brand depends on the mood, feeling, and images that your product creates matters.

Colors that reflect the Authenticity of Your Brand

It is extremely crucial to choose colours that feel right to your industry and reflects the legitimacy of your products and services. It is more important in specific industries than in others however there is no one easy way. You must try and strategise carefully.

Colors That Symbolize Your Personality

You must understand that your brand personality plays a key role. So how exactly would you describe your brand? Can your customers connect with your brand? since colors evoke human emotions, they are one of the immediate ways to express your brand’s personality. Choosing a color that can reflect your brand’s personality is important for building a cohesive experience.

Colors That are Appealing

You must understand your target audience. This is considered Branding 101, especially when choosing the right color for your business. This means you must understand what color will resonate with your audience the most if it is masculine or feminine, passionate or practical, and energetic or understated. You must align your brand with the colors that define the traits of your target audience. To craft a perfect logo that aligns with your brand and is appealing, it is important to understand color psychology in advertising.

Colors That Distinguish Your Brand

Another essential criterion when it comes to choosing the colour for your brand is differentiation. While it is not important to choose a colour that is unique or not used by your competitors, it can go a long way as it will set your brand apart.

Your brand’s visual identity is something that will strongly influence the way your brand will be perceived by the world. Therefore, colour is an essential component of visual identity.

Choosing an authentic colour, that embodies its personality, and is appealing to your audience is a great way to create a powerful brand. 

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