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Top 5 Free Ai Tools For Video Editing That You Should Know About

Video editing is an art that requires creativity and technical skills. However, AI advancements are now automating many rote parts of the editing process to augment human editors. In this comprehensive blog, we are going to explore the top AI tools for video editing free that are revolutionizing video editing in 2023.

What are AI video editor software tools?

AI video editor software tools utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and enhance parts of the video editing process. Here are some key capabilities of AI video editor tools:

  • Automated editing – AI can analyze raw footage and automatically create an edited video by applying transitions, effects, titles, pacing, etc. This saves a lot of editing time.
  • Visual generation – Some AI tools can generate visuals, overlays, and full video clips from text descriptions. This exponentially expands creative possibilities.
  • Background removal – Machine learning models can accurately remove video backgrounds for easy compositing and layering of footage.
  • Color grading – AI tools can analyze footage and apply color corrections and cinematic color grades at the click of a button.
  • Resolution enhancement – AI increases video resolution, sharpness, and FPS through upscaling and interpolation.
  • Object/person removal – Unwanted elements can be erased from footage seamlessly using AI inpainting and completion algorithms.
  • Stabilization – Shaky footage is automatically stabilized using algorithmic video smoothing techniques.
  • Face tracking – AI can identify and track faces across multiple clips to apply edits and effects to a person consistently.

AI Tools for Video Editing

1. Runway 

Runway is an AI-powered creative assistant for tasks like video editing, image manipulation, and graphics creation. It harnesses machine learning to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Key Capabilities

Background removal – Instantly strip away backgrounds from footage with just one click using machine learning segmentation models. This makes compositing infinitely easier.

Resolution enhancement – Runway uses AI-based super-resolution to increase video quality, sharpness, and resolution for pixel-perfect footage. This also enables increasing clip length by extrapolating frames.

Face tracking – The advanced face tracker automatically identifies faces in clips. You can then apply effects and filters to faces across multiple shots with a single click.

Color grading – Take the guesswork out of color correction by applying beautifully designed LUTs powered by machine learning algorithms. Get perfectly graded footage instantly.

Object removal – Effortlessly erases unwanted objects and clutter from your clips using pixel-perfect inpainting algorithms.

Runway offers a generous free tier so you can thoroughly test it out before upgrading to a paid plan for unrestricted access. It runs fully in the browser so works on any device.


2. Wombo 

Wombo is an AI video editor packed with unique capabilities like automatically generating visuals from text, editing clips into a full video, and creating talking head videos from photos.

Key Features

Talking heads – This mind-blowing tech can animate any still portrait photo into a life-like talking head video. The AI generates lip and facial movements in sync with an audio track.

Text to video – Enter any text prompt and Wombo will generate a video with visuals and narration from scratch. This can hugely accelerate your workflow.

Auto editing – Their AI editor can ingest raw clips and automatically edit them into a complete video based on preferences like style, mood, and length.

Emotional templates – Choose a template like Romantic, Epic, or Funny and Wombo’s AI will make all editing decisions to match that mood and tone.

While mainly browser-based, Wombo also offers mobile apps for on-the-go video creation. The free plan allows plenty of experimentation.


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3. Synthesia

Synthesia is an emerging AI-powered video editing platform with capabilities like automated editing, visual generation from text, color grading, resolution enhancement, and simplified VFX. It utilizes deep learning and generative models to analyze footage stylistically and apply suitable edits automatically. Synthesia aims to significantly accelerate editing workflows through AI assistance.

Key Features

Automated editing – AI analyzes footage and applies transitions, effects, pacing, and more to automatically create edited videos.

Visual generation – Text-to-video capability generates custom visuals and clips from descriptions.

Color grading – One click AI powered color correction and cinematic grading.

Resolution boosting – Increase video resolution and sharpness through AI upscaling.

Simplified VFX – Quickly apply visual effects like fire, smoke, lightning, and explosions through the AI.

Stylistic editing – AI detects the mood, genre, and emotions in footage and makes appropriate editing choices.

With its deep learning core, Synthesia aims to significantly accelerate editing by automating rote tasks so creators can focus on storytelling. It represents the innovative possibilities of AI in video production.


 4. Imagen Video 

Imagen Video uses state-of-the-art diffusion models to generate videos from text prompts. This adds creative possibilities for content creators.

Key Strengths

Text to video – Get unique AI-generated videos customized to your textual prompt within seconds. The advanced diffusion model creates realistic, diverse videos.

Edit into existing footage – Extend short clips, overlay titles, generate missing scenes, and more by describing the required edits in text prompts.

Audio removal – Isolate visuals by stripping audio from video clips or backing tracks.

Stabilization – Imagen Video can steady shaky camera footage for smoother clips.

As it is built by Anthropic using their cutting-edge DALL-E image model, Imagen Video represents the next generation of text-to-video generation. It is currently in limited beta but offers 50 free monthly generations to try out.


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5. RunPod 

RunPod provides easy API access to RunwayML’s machine learning models for video without needing to install or run them yourself.

Handy API Based Tools

Resolution enhancement – Upscale video resolution with AI for crystal-clear footage

Slow motion generation – Interpolate frames to convert standard video to smooth slowed down footage

Colorization – Add color to black and white or monochrome clips automatically

Text to video – Generate unique videos from text descriptions

Background removal – Strip away backgrounds from footage

Video stabilization – Steady shaky camera clips.

The free RunPod tier allows reasonable monthly usage limits to test out the APIs. Overall, it provides hassle-free access to powerful ML models for common video editing tasks.



These five free tools exemplify how AI is transforming video editing and creation in 2023. From time savings and automation to enhanced creativity, AI looks set to become an indispensable asset for video editors and creators. By embracing these technologies now, you can get a headstart on honing an AI-enhanced workflow and creative process.

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