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Guide to setting up an Ad campaign (now in your back pocket)

Over the last years, PPC advertising gained importance for every business, despite their industry. For as little as a couple of hundred dollars a month, even small-sized businesses or start-ups can dive into the digital advertising realm and make an impact. If you are a small business and opting for PPC advertising, you are going to build and manage your Google Ads account on your own for a while. Getting it up and running may feel like an overwhelming task, which it kind of is, but this post will help you understand how Google Ads create new campaign. 

Google Ads, formerly called Google AdWords, are one of the best and most preferred advertising options online. About 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day, even more, which is why Google Ads are considered an excellent way to bring your website in front of the eyes of your target audience. Did you know that for every $1 that is spent on Google Ads, an average business owner ends up with $2 in revenue? Well, the ROI is quite hard to beat when compared with other advertising platforms, which is why, if you are looking for a good option for ads, you must consider Google Ads.

So, how can you set up a new campaign on Google Ads?

Step. 1: Hit the Google Ads Website: Visit the website, click on ‘start now’, and sign up for your Google Ads account. You can click on the button that says ‘Create your First Campaign’.

Step. 2: Choose Your Campaign Name and Type: Browse your options for Campaign type, upon commencement. It is advised to choose ‘search network only’. Name your campaign- You may want to choose a name that is relevant to your product or services set to advertise.

Step. 3: Choose Location for Ad Display: You will be provided with many options when it comes to choosing people’s locations. You can choose a small or large area. For instance, if you wish to a specific area, you can use longitude-latitude coordinates. It is advised to be sure you know the locations of your customers. Business owners who sell their services and products internationally may want to set up different campaigns for countries with the highest sales.

Step. 4: Set up Daily Budget: Until you become an expert Google Ads user, it’s best to set a low budget in the initial days. This allows you to commence the campaign slowly, garner data, and expand what is working or not, once you are familiar with campaigns. Understand that Google can and will go over your set budget. It is important to look at your campaigns and adjust your budget budgets each week. You can set up your payment options: Manual, Automatic, and monthly invoices.

Step. 5: Add Keywords: This may seem tricky for first time advertisers, your first inclination is to add as many keywords as possible. This is exactly what Google wants you to do, then you will spend more money.

Step. 6: Create an Advertisement on Google: This is when the fun commences, you get to create an advertisement that will garner the attention of your consumers and make them click to go to your website. Prospects are more likely to click on an advertisement that entails keywords they used in the search bar for Google. If you are targeting a specific phrase or keywords, ensure to use phrase one of the two headlines.

Step. 7: Set Up Conversion Tracking: The last step of setting up conversion tracking for your business. This step entails different options: Webform leads, E-commerce orders, calls from ads, websites, and import sales that occur off the internet. Make sure you set up all conversion tracking options before you turn the ads on. If you don’t, you may not be able to measure your ads’ effectiveness.

Once you have figured out what kind of ads your consumers click on the most, upon understanding the pattern, create similar ones for high cost-per-click keywords. Doing so helps boost your ROI.

Now that you know everything, go ahead and get started with it. Once you dive in, you will learn more about how Google ads work for you and your campaigns.


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