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Guess What! Improving your Branding Strategy is Easy!

While it can be complicated to determine the important ingredients for a successful company, branding plays a huge role.

Have you ever thought about how brands like Amazon or Starbucks gained their popularity? Do you wonder how Apple became a global giant when they started their invention in a small garage? The answer is SOLID BRANDING.

As the buyer’s journey tends to evolve, having a product that holds a strong personality is not enough. The study suggests that about 75% of global consumers believe that brand origin is the key buyer driver. This means that crafting a brand that is sound and resonates with the consumers is a solid way to take your business to the next level. Before you can commence developing your brand, here are some ways to do it easily.


Crafting a solid visual identity is easier said than done. Why? well, while this seems quite easy, it can be a daunting task and why not, you have to represent your brand and everything it stands for in a logo design.

You need to understand that people are receptive to images and visuals. You need to manage to get your logo and visual identity right, and ensure that it is consistent across your website, social media platforms, e-mails, print media, television, and more. Collaborating with the best graphic designers and marketers will work well for you as they will help you reflect the emotions, feelings, and overall personality of your brand.


Influencer Marketing has been on the rise with no sign of slowing down. It has been seen that people tend to believe influencers more than they believe celebrities. About 70% of young adults and teens believe a social media influencer more than a big-time celebrity. So, getting influencers on your side will help you promote your brand improvement strategy.


Nowadays, people are super shopping-savvy, which means you have a higher chance of turning your visitors into customers. How do we do that? If you can establish your business as a brand that can inspire people, there will be more opportunities. Building authority for your brand is something that doesn’t happen overnight, this means you must do a lot of things to boost it.


Like it or not, in order to drive your brand towards success and in reach as many people as possible, you must perform SEO. If you cannot then hire someone with years of experience to do so for you. You should know that most people don’t even bother to click on page two of Google Search Results. Keeping that in mind, along with good content, you must target popular keywords that can expose your brand and its content to the right audience.


No matter what kind of business you operate, it is only fair to believe that your target audience is available on social media. If some social media channels don’t seem relevant to your industry, you should create an account on all channels for your audience to connect with you. It is advised to stay active on all platforms, especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are some of the platforms where your audience will engage with your products.

Keep these in mind for the brand strategy framework.

While the process will take some time and effort, it is easy. All the tips laid out above should be implemented accurately. Need experts on board? Consult with our experts at Kolor First to have all the help you need when crafting a branding strategy.

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