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Types of Content to Drive Traffic

With dozens of digital marketing platforms, channels, and strategies available nowadays, it can be complex to choose and prioritise where to spend the time, money, and resources. There is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and Affiliate Marketing, the list can go on. The bottom line is, no matter which platform you choose, content is KING! And with great content comes great traffic.

When you take your eyes off the big brands, you will find that small-sized businesses depend heavily on marketing channels. Why? because they drive better results.


Content Marketing is a trusted advertising strategy that involves creating and publishing consistent, relevant, and rich content. These aids businesses of all sizes and types in driving and retaining a defined audience, and attracting profitable customer action.

With so many types of content available, finding the best content for your brand can be complex and daunting. To make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of top types of content that will help you drive growth:


Running a blog for business is a popular method of content marketing strategy, especially nowadays. Why? for major two reasons: low barrier to enter- in case you have a website, blogging should cost you no money but time and energy. Secondly, all content begins with written words, and blogs can be repurposed across different channels. However, blogs that we come across today are different from blogs that we read years ago in 2005. Nowadays, it is not about documenting every piece of your life in a musing journal style. A blog hits records only when you publish engaging and informative content. When you post a blog with valuable content, you can witness an increase in organic search traffic and authenticity in the eyes of Google.


You can witness that there’s no shortage when it comes to types of content for your brand to publish on the blog page. Content marketing goes quite beyond blogging, well, that’s when White Papers come into the picture allowing you to access greater information about a topic and often supported by export interviews, research, and hardcore data. They are long-form posts entailing 3000 to 10000 words approx. White Papers tend to play a huge role in making your content look more professional which high-risk industries value. White papers help many with content promotion and publishing. While they may take months to organise and produce, white papers are downloadable PDFs and therefore, easy to share.


Case Studies are an excellent choice as they are not explicitly hard-selling channels, they are a part of the middle of the funnel. While they are simply sharing a story, it also reflects how your product or service can help a customer solve real-life issues. Publish testimonial content holds power due to many reasons:

           It establishes social proof that your strategy or solution works.

     It follows the journey of the hero and helps your potential see themselves as the main character of the story and you as their guide/chaperon.

Case studies are rich and multi-format content with texts, images, and graphs. You can keep them engaging but add real data.


Podcasting has taken off quickly for businesses over the past few years. Thanks to the on-demand podcast streaming applications, listening to podcasts is quite a common activity for people just as common as listening to music. Most of the time when you come across people with headphones on during their morning commute or workout sessions, they are listening to podcasts. There is an emotional connection, which plays a key role in marketing strategy as it helps brands talk about their products and services.

Brands help businesses scale new heights with their creative and marketing strategies. In order to stay ahead in the competition with our exceptional marketing solutions as we at Kolor First have a team with expertise in types of content marketing that help you craft, manage and promote your brand on a global base helping you achieve your goals. 


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