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Top 5 Graphic Designing Software

Graphic Designing is all about using the ‘right’ software.

A talented designer can create a masterpiece using Microsoft Paint. However, proper controls and flexibility that come with good software can make all the difference. So, let’s figure out which graphic designing software is perfect for you.  

For designers, graphic design software becomes a tool that supports their artistic abilities. Upon memorising keyboard shortcuts, becoming familiar with layouts and making their favourite software a second language, designers can create art.

Make Art with the best graphic designing software!

Adobe Photoshop: One of the best professional graphic design software for creating and editing photos. Adobe Photoshop is well-known graphic design software that is used by many for creating and editing photos. The software comes with a massive suite of tools and features that makes it ideal for drawing, painting, editing, and creating banners, photographs, websites, and even logos.

Adobe Illustrator: This, undoubtedly, is considered the best graphic design software that helps design icons, logos, sketches, and different types of visual design. Photoshop and illustrator have certain similarities when it comes to functions, and tools, however, illustrators focus on the vector.

CorelDRAW: A list of best graphic design software is incomplete without CorelDRAW. A design industry classic- one that continues to be influential nowadays, fortunately, CorelDRAW does everything that Adobe illustrator and Photoshop can do! So, you get all features and tools but in one package.

Sketch: This vector-based tool is available on Mac only, Sketch focuses on web, application, and interface design. However, it has made a mark on the graphic design competition, with some developers preferring sketch files from designers over layered photoshop files. It works great for designing icons and logos.

Affinity Designer: In terms of style and functionality, Affinity Designer is a low-budget and impressive option, a substitute to Adobe Illustrator. It’s simple for beginners to use and quite faster than illustrator. They are super smooth for beginners to use and are just as powerful. Affinity got a massive upgrade with numerous features added to it.

When we talk about choosing the ‘best’ graphic design software, it can be complex and tricky. You can look for the best free graphic design software, and understand the features and how well it works for your business. Every designer needs to choose for themselves what kind of software works best for their style, needs, and channel.

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