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5 Types of Landing Pages Your Brand Should Know

Landing pages are one of the major elements of digital marketing strategy. They persuade visitors or audiences to act, make a purchase or submit a form. When done right, a landing page can help drive more leads or sales. There are different types of landing pages, each with unique benefits, based on the end goal.

A landing page is a web page that a user lands on upon clicking a link, typically an advertisement. If you are putting in funds and time to launch an advertisement for your brands, you want a landing page that will convert.


The quintessential landing page also called the Lead Capture page or Opt-in Page strives to squeeze information out of the audience. The information typically entails personal data- e-mail, name, contact details, and more. You can ask for personal data in exchange for free trials, downloadable content, and an e-mail list sign-up. A squeeze page entails a CTA button for the visitors to submit the information and navigation. It usually comes with copy, headline, images, and a form.


Long-form landing pages are often called Sales Letters, which are infomercials in the digital marketing industry. They focus on the product’s features and benefits; they repeat the advantages over and over until the reader is convinced. A long-form landing page explains each part of the benefits and offers to the audience. The longer a visitor spends their time on this type of landing page, the higher the chance of them converting into a sale. When you create a page with an exciting tone, it makes the visitor want to read the content.


This kind of landing page offers content that is just persuasive enough to make people visit the transaction page. When you have a click-through landing page, you can warm up to the leads and expect them to convert to a sale. It is important for the page to entail ample details about the product or the offer, focus on the benefits, and offer an explanation about the services. Being a simple page with no navigation, the only button you will have on the landing page is the one that directs visitors to the page where they can shop. They are not lengthy but allow the visitor to understand why they should purchase.


This page exists on a business’ main website, it entails all major information about products and services. Visitors can read the information about the product, and upon understanding can make a purchase or connect with the professionals to learn more about the offer. They contain a landing page with photos of the product, specifications, and details about the offer. Testimonials or other forms of social proof also play an important role when it comes to creating a product detail page.


As given, a video landing page entails a sales video with complementary texts. The purpose is to encourage the audience or visitors to watch the video and understand the offer. The video should explain the product’s value, and features, and build a solid hype for it. A video landing page includes a headline, video, and copy which will help you acquire and retain their attention.


There is no perfect edition for landing page design since the one-size-fits-all concept doesn’t work well for landing pages. You can connect with a trusted digital marketing agency that can help you understand the types of landing pages and help pick the right one. The best page for your startup or medium-sized business is based on your business, the services you offer, and the type of audience.

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