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5 Reasons you Should Never Overlook the Power of Brand Identity

Branding and its magic are often undervalued and overlooked by business owners.

Let us tell you like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, “Big Mistake, Big, Huge!” however instead of walking away, we’re going to tell you why!

Investing in your brand may seem uncomfortable and a time-consuming affair but is important to measure its success. Unlike conventional marketing techniques, it can be impossible sometimes to understand if you can find favourable ROI, energy, and money you invest in setting up and maintaining an incredible brand identity.

So, what comes to your head when we say ‘purpose of branding’ Or ‘Build Your Brand’? for an average human, building a brand is restricted to creating a logo, renting a store, selling their services, and that is it. Entrepreneurs and business owners often forget to build a brand to create a powerful influence on the viewers.


When we talk about brand identity, it is the one thing about your brand that you have complete control over. This is how you choose to represent and illustrate your business. While the principles, mission, values, and ideas are what reflect your brand personality, it is the unique visual appeal your brand uses to convey its message. We all have heard hundreds of times, that brand identity doesn’t happen within a day. You must prepare yourself to think about your brand’s identity and vision. When creating a brand identity or thinking about brand purpose examples such as Apple, Dove, or Crayola, remember that your business should be able to answer the What, why, and how.


Better Customer Awareness: Primary benefit of brand identity is that it helps make your business look more recognisable. Once your audience becomes familiar with your brand, they will buy products or services that your company offers.

Stay Ahead in the Game: The existence of your business’ trademark builds a unique business, making your customer quickly recognise and support the business. This gives your brand the edge it needs to appear more prominent than the others in the market.

Customer Loyalty: By crafting and working on strong brand identity, it is easier and possible for your business to have loyal customers. We need to mark that when building it, you must plan effective strategies that can help boost emotional relationships with customers.

Protect Your Brand from Competitors: The brand gets a better look from the users. Even though brands are offering similar services or products at a lower price. When you have a loyal army of buyers, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Personality is EverythingAs discussed earlier, your brand identity is the face of the values of your brand. It is important to set the tone for your brand, as it evokes certain feelings in your audience. It should be designed to convey your message and promote your goals.

Here are some of the ways brand purpose examples should be looked at and studied to create a strong name:

  • Create a unique item that consumers desire
  • Pick a creative name for your brand
  • Design professional yet unique logo, card, templates, and website
  • Develop a quirky and catchy tagline

Let’s wrap up!

That is all you should know about brand identity. Your business needs to have this. Remember to manage all resources and healthy financial reports.

If you feel like this is all a bit too much for you, connect with the experts at Kolor First to seek the guidance you deserve. 

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